for Pharmacists

A new way to champion healthcare in your community.

Encourage timely medication

Helps build patient loyalty

Easily distribute medications

Cold-sealed, patented, low-cost, multi-dose packaging

Improve patient medication adherence

Detachable, individual blister cups

Added convenience for patients

Blister packs hold up to 31 days of morning, noon, evening and bedtime doses

for Facilities

Helping patients maintain quality of life.

Improve medication adherence

Ideal for patients with multi-dose requirements

Reduce risk for medication-taking errors

Helps patients take the right medication and the right dose at the right time

Easily monitor and assist patients

Complete medication list for reference when discussing with your Doctor

Patients can take it on-the-go

Eliminates the need for pill boxes or single-dose bingo cards

for Medicine Takers

You've got better things to do than worry about your medication.

Color-coded by time of day

Know just when to take your medicine

Detachable and portable

Take your medicine on the go

Convenient packaging

Simpler and easier than pill boxes

Filled by your pharmacist

Eliminates worry of mixing up medications


Cardinal health
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