A new way to champion healthcare in your community


A safer, easier way for patients to take medication

Easily distribute medications

Cold-sealed, patented, low-cost, multi-dose packaging

Improve patient medication adherence

Detachable, individual blister packs

Encourage timely medication refills

Helps build patient loyalty

Added convenience for patients

Blister cells hold up to 31 days of morning, noon, evening and bedtime doses

Product Features

Stand out with an innovative way to deliver medications

Offered exclusively through Cardinal Health, Dispill® Multi-dose Packaging is a safer, easier way for you to help patients adhere to their medication schedules. It’s a patented system that lets you provide prescribed medication to patients in an all-inclusive blister pack. Not only will it help you protect the independence of your patients, it will set your pharmacy apart by providing an added service.

Key Features

  • Customizable labels with patient name, medication and an option to add your store logo
  • Two different cell counts allow you to create a personalized day card for your customer
  • Packaging for morning, noon, evening and bedtime
  • Perforated blister packs allow for specific intake times or taking medications on the go
  • Free downloadable software package that interfaces with most pharmacy systems
  • Sample kit or starter kit available: 28- and 32-slot mounting tray and sliding tray available to order
  • Your patient's Dispill® pack is color-coded by morning, noon, evening and bedtime doses.

  • Starter kit comes with all you need to start using Dispill.

  • Easy for pharmacists to fill and maintain.

  • The top of each individual blister cell lists the patient's name, the medication within and the time it should be taken.

  • Individual, detachable blister cells for convenient medication on the go.

  • Individual, detachable blister cells for convenient medication on the go.


Downloads, demos and more

Pharmacy Printing Software

The free downloadable software package interfaces with most pharmacy systems, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry. And unlike thermo-sealed systems, there’s no costly investment in equipment. We’ll provide you with a complete suite of tools to streamline operations behind the counter.

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